Chardham is one of the most sanctified pilgrimages in India which are followed by huge number of Hindu devotees. The Chardham yatra includes four major destination of Uttarkhand state like Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath etc. It requires sufficient time frame to visit all the four places at a time. Some people prefer to visit these four places separately due to lack of time. That’s why the do Dham yatra has been introduced to facilitate those pilgrims. These do dham yatra mainly boasts any two destinations of Chardham yatra i.e. Kedarnath and Badrinath tour or Yamunotri and Gangotri tour. This religious journey has also its religious significance. If you want you can also choose Badrinath Gangotri yatra by road ex-Delhi.


The Do Dham yatra covering any two major destinations will take seven days and the journey will start from New Delhi. The Do Dham yatra is also considered as a spiritual bliss as like the Chardham yatra for those devotees who love visit these religious destinations by taking a small break from their hustle bustle life schedule to go closer towards the divinity. This religious journey will take the devotees through an amazing view of snow Cladded Mountains and the captivating climes. This religious trip will not only bring the devotees a spiritual bliss but also provide them the element of adventure. Thus, the devotees who are seeking the blessing of god and deities can also get the opportunity to explore the trekking and white water rafting.

Chardham yatra is one of the most admired pilgrimages which is highly followed by huge number of Hindu devotees who comes every year to these destinations for the purpose of attaining salvation and for getting spiritual ordainment. Whereas for the devotees who have severe time constraint and will not be able to complete the four destinations at a time, should go for the Do Dham yatra.

Badrinath Dham: This religious place is strategically situated on the tranquil environment of great Himalayas. It is the holy abode of Lord Vishnu who worshipped in this place a god Badri Narayan who is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This temple is placed in the Garhwal hilly region of Uttarakhand state on the bank of Alaknanda River. This rest place of Lord Vishnu is placed exactly in between two mountains ranged called Nar and Naryana. During the journey towards Badrinath the pilgrims love to take a holy dip inside the hot water spring called Surya Kund and Tapt kund .  The tranquil surrounding, snow-capped mountains and the adventure activities of this region also attract the adventure lovers as well as the nature lover. There is a great historical myth behind the building of this temple. This temple opens from April to November because during the winter season the entire temple is fully covered with snow.

Gangotri Dham: Gangotri Dham is a holy abode of goddess Ganga which is located in the glorious Himalayan region where the River actually originates. The temple of Gangotri is highly considered for their highly dense alpine forest ranges which are sprinkled with green valleys. Devotees comes this place in a belief that after taking a holy dip in the Pious Ganga water all of their previous sins will washed away.

The tour route of your Badrinath Gangotri yatra by road ex-Delhi will be like this. Delhi-Rishikesh-Uttarkashi-Gangotri-Uttarkashi-Rudraprayag-Badrinath-Delhi. You can choose a reliable travel agent for booking an attractive and budgeted tour package. If you choose the tour package with the help of a travel agent then they will guide you for every single requirements of your trip. They will arrange you accommodation, transportation and also guide you the safety measure you need to follow during your trip. They will suggest you the best restaurant where you can eat delicious and hygienic food.

For getting a best and reliable travel agent you need to some research through online. Nowadays there is several travel agencies are easily available through online from where you can choose one of the best one for your travel. Once you book a travel agent they will take all your tour hassle so you can enjoy your trip more than you expect. The tour organisations offering the tour package that you can modified as per your preference and Budget. Once you select an organisation first discuss with them about the tour package so you will have the brief idea about your tour details if you require modification about the accommodation, transportation you can change that as per your preference.

As these two destinations are located in the mountain and hilly area you need to take some winter clothes with you while travelling towards these destinations. As these areas are truly religious you will not get any non-veg food throughout your entire trip. If you hire a tour agent for your trip then they will guide you every single aspect for a successful trip. They will take you through the perfect route where you will safely reach the destination within the time frame. The drivers are well experienced in these routes so they will also provide you every historical information of every place while travelling. Always try to book your tour package in advance so you will not face any kind of last minute hassle.

Gangotri and Badrinath are two major destinations of Uttarakhand state where you will get a chance to take a holy dip within the sacred Ganga and Alaknanda River. Apart from the holy bath and temple darshan you will also have a glimpse of panoramic view of Himalayan region along with the abundant natural bounty. So this season plan your trip towards the sacred abode of lord Badri and goddess Ganga and get the blessings of them by offering your prayer on their abode.

Badrinath Gangotri yatra by road ex-Delhi: A religious journey with adventure

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