In India, in one point of view as per mythology there are more than 330 million of god and goddess are present. Therefore, not surprisingly the pilgrimage and tourism were synonymous. In the former time people prefer to visit only the religious places like Gaya or Benaras or Rishikesh or Tirupati or Haridwar or Somnath or Rameshwaram or Dwarka or Jagannath Puri etc. It has been believed that they need to visit these destinations once in their life span. But in the presnt scenario people prefer to visit Vaishno Devi along with Shimla and Manali, Haridwar with Taj Mahal etc.  But still there is one spiritual tour circuit that exclusively connects the pilgrimage destinations which is called Chota Chardham.

Basically the concept Chardham covers the Rameswram in South, Puri in East, Badrinath in North and Dwarka in West. These four pilgrimage destination belongs to the four directions of India. But if one people wants to cover this four destination at a time then it will take more than one month. So as per the concept of Chota chardham is became more popular nowadays as per the Wikipedia. Nowadays people prefer to go for this spiritual journey. This religious journey covers the place Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath etc.

Time to visit:  According to the climatic conditions this Chardham route opens during Akhya Tritiya in May and closes during Bhai-Bij in winter season. Rainy season must be avoided for this journey. So it is the best time to visit during May, June, September and first half of October.

Is it difficult to travel?

Yes, it is difficult and the tour operators are well defined to their clients about the trip before their trip confirmation. They strictly mentioned that you must have faith on god and positive intention visiting such pious land but during the trip you may face hardship and rigors and several other discomforts. Due to poor road conditions, varying climatic condition and frequent landslides the problem may cause.

Weather: The weather of this region are too variable and harsh. You may move from 1°C at night in Kedarnath and may face 40°C after few hours by visiting the next destination. Some time it may rain in some places. So we can say the climate is not balanced I n every place. So during your journey you must be prepare for both woolen as well as rain protectors.

Clothes: If you are staying in Kedarnath during overnight then it is highly suggested to carry three-layer woolen cloth. Here laundry services are not available so take those clothes that do not crumple very easily.

Terrain: As the Chardham destination is situated in the Shivalik hills of the lower Himalayas in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state. Situated at 12000 feet the mountains are made up with smooth round stones which used found in the sea or in the river bed. Due to the rain or vehicle pressure, the road of valley side mostly crumbles.  For widen the roads, some more mountains need to be blasted or scrapped. So again there is some more erosion on the valley side. As a result, a frequent landslides occurring land sliding.

Roads: The roads of this chardham route are very tiring, treacherous and dangerous. But it will certainly improve your faith in god. In this road a mini bus having capacity of 25-27 people are allowed. Longer vehicles are allowed in this route due to having very sharp bends. So for this reason the travelling in this route are very less comfortable.  You can choose to drive through car which is also a best option to travel. In this region vehicles are not allowed after 8 pm to 5 am.

Distances: From Delhi it will cover total 1900 km. apart from this, 1400-1500 kms are only the mountain areas. So one can travel in average speed of 20-25 km/hr. This journey requires lots of travelling. But the drivers of this region are very careful in this matter. They are like the mast of these mountain region. They always show tremendous amount of understanding while driving and they are very cool in nature. So the entire journey of Chardham mostly takes 8 nights and 9 dayswhich covers the auspicious shrines.

It is also highly suggested for those pilgrims, if you are physically fit then you prefer to this Chardham yatra. The youngsters may not enjoy this trip because these trips only include the temples only and it also requires to maintain the perfect time schedule and discipline. Here they will not get any kind of entertainment option or diversification. Here there are several type of levels which makes you involve with god that includes Snaan, simple darshan and Pooja etc.

How to plan for Chardham tour?

Chardham yatra: A pathway towards salvation

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