The land of India is not only famous for its excellent culture, majestic natural beauty and  unique tradition it is also renowned for its ageless sanctified destinations which makes this country one of the most visiting place for pilgrimage trip. Tourists come here from every corner of the world for this pilgrimage trip to pay their homage to the god and goddess. Right from the east to west region and north to south region one will easily get huge number of temples which are quite beautiful and ageless. Although, India is a land of more than 53 crores god and goddess offerent type of holy shrines like Amarnath , VAishno Devi, Balaji, JagannathPuri, Venketeshwar swami etc.  But the tour of Chardham has a great religious significance in every Hindus life.

This auspicious trip Chardham is like a journey for the life time of blessings and divine trueth which tend you to meet the real fact of life which will help you in attaining moksha in ease. This holy journey promises the visitors and pilgrims about the self-realization of the truth with the help of which one can easily shape their life in a better way with god’s blessings. With this sanctified journey you will get a chance to visit four holy abode of god and goddess which are located in the state of Uttarakhand. According to the legends the journey of Cahrdham is visiting towards those places which will help in washing your past sins and help you in attaining moksha which means the true peace of life or salvation. This holy tour circuit comprises Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath etc. In all these four destinations you will able to explore many ancient temples and other major holy attractions which are quite beautiful.

One can explore these four majestic holy sites with the help of the exclusive Chardham tour packages which you can get easily from online travel operators who will help you in making your trip fabulous and fascinating. You can even plan your trip with the help of helicopter which will save you time and make your journey more interesting and adventurous. If you have more time to explore these destinations of beautiful Himalaya region then you can explore the Chardham yatra with Hemkund sahib from Delhi. Hemkund Sahib is another holy destination in the state of Uttarakhand which is the major pilgrimage centre for Sikh community and is situated at a highest altitude of Himalayan region. This holy pilgrimage centre is highly visited for the lake and natural surrounding which doubles the charm of this place. Additionally, this place has seven different peaks that are surround by it  and is the ultimate option to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

If you are having lack of time then youi can also explore these destinations separated as per your time convenience else you can also hire the helicopter service which will save your much time  and you will able to cover all the destinations within a short span of time. If you are planning Chardhamyatra with Hemkund Sahib from Delhi then you can travel via road or train.  If you want to book the helicopter service then you must travel; from Dehradun. Durin g your trip the ageless shrines, sheer beauty and majestic temples of these destinations will definitely leave you spellbound.  These Chardham journeys will definitely a delightful option for a traveller for rejuvenating his/her body, mind and soul.

These four Chardham destinations are truly dedicated to two Shakti’s and two gods.  Yamunotri and Gangotriis dedicated to goddess Yamuna and Ganga where as Kedarnath and Badrinath is dedicated to two famous gods of hIndu religion. Kedarnath worships Lord Shiva whereas Badrinath worships Lord Badri (Incarnation of lord Vishnu). During your trip towards these famous four holy destinations you will get a chance to take a holy dip with in the most sacred rivers in India i.e. Yamuna, Ganga, Mandakini and Alaknanda etc. These four Rivers are the most holist symbol in Hindu religion and have their unique significance in Hindu mythology. It has been believed that one can easily attain salvation after take a holy dip within these rivers.

Whatever travelling option you prefer if you book your trip with the help of a travel agent then they will take care of all your travel needs. They will arrange everything on your behalf like accommodation, transportation, food etc before your arrival so you can only enjoy during your trip. When you reach at Delhi airport or station your tour agent will wait for your outside and will pick you up from there and escort safely towards the hotel. But while booking the tour package don’t forget to discuss the tour details with the travel agent so you will not pay any extra amount on your last minute after arrival at the city. You need to discuss everything very clearly with your agent before booking the trip so he will suggest the best and suitable options as per your budget and preference.

Once you book the trip the rest hassle will be taken care by your tour operator. He will handle all your tour hassle so you can enjoy your trip more than your expectation. As you know these Chardham destinations belongs to the Uttarakhand state which is located on the foothills of the great Himalayas so you need to prepare for certain safety measures before starting your journey. That’s why I suggest you to choose one of the experienced tour operator who will also aware you the necessary safety information to make your trip more convenient and safe. So this coming vacation plan your Chardham yatra with hemkund sahib from Delhi and enjoy the spiritual environment which is filled with truly nature’s beauty. Pray your god and goddess in their abode and collect their blessings and collect lots of sweet memories that will cherish your for you entire life.

Chardham yatra with hemkund sahib from Delhi: A spiritual journey blessed with natures beauty

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