India is a land of God and goddess. In Hindu religion, there are more than 33 crore God and goddess are worshipped. The auspicious Chardham journey has its own place of significance. It is also believed that if someone visits these Chardham destination once in their life time then the door towards salvation will automatically open for them. The Chardham destinations are those places which bring you peace in your life. A religious Chardham journey includes four sanctified destinations like Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath etc.  All the four destinations are belongs to state of Uttarakhand.

People who love visit the Chardham destinations, he/she must set their mind first . The auspicious cannot be cover by the physically challenged people, senior citizens or the people having short period of visiting time. To facilitate those people the state government has started the Chardham yatra by helicopter. You can book the Chardham  yatra by Helicopter to visit thee religious destinations within a short span of time. The helicopter journey is not too much expensive. It is available within a cost effective price range.

In Hinduism, the major goal of an healthy is categorised into four major parts i.e. Artha (prosperity and wealth), Dharma (duty), Kaam (worldly desires), Moksha (salvation). Moksha is the final goal of every human. To attain Moksha a person should attain freedom from the cycle of life and death. The religious shrines of Himalayan chardham have all the major aspects of Hinduism. There is one Shiva temple in Kedarnath, one Vaishnava temple in Badrinath and two Shakti temples in Yamunotri and Gangotri. The marvellous beauty of Himalaya combined with the air of divinity which flows through the region to create a meditative atmosphere. Embarking a journey towards these four religious destinations will open the door towards the salvation.

If you need more time and energy to visit the most prominent temples like Kedarnath temple, Badrinath temple, Yamunotri and Gangotri temple then you must plan your entire trip in advance to make it easy, enjoyable and memorable. In case of not preplanning then it might be little hectic to cover it within a short span of time. Chardham yatra by helicopter will be one of the quickest way to visit these four destinations within short period of time. You can book the helicopter service with the help of a tour service provider in advance. If you book your trip in advance with the help of a tour service provider then he will take care of tour related hassles like accommodation, food and transportation etc.  Before booking the tour package from any organization make sure that the nearby sight seen is also included within the tour package.

The religious Chardham journey can be started through the private cars, state buses or taxis available. But if you travel through the private car then it will be much better option for you because during your journey you can take break anywhere you ant as per your availability of time. But do remember during this religious you will only get vegetarian foods throughout the way. As the places are pilgrim destinations so you will get any non-veg food here. Don’t forget to take woollen clothes with you because the temperature of the region mostly stays at 17 degree and sometime it downs to zero degree as well. The perfect times to visit the Chardham destinations are during the month of May to June and September to October. If you are planning to go through Helicopter then do remember during the monsoon the helicopter services are strictly suspended. Also don’t forget to carry shoes that should not slippery, cap, and umbrella, first aid kit, face and body lotion etc. As you cannot carry too much luggage during your Helicopter journey so you can put it in your hotel room. The helicopter service are designed for those devotees who have highest pilgrimage spirit but due to time constraint they are not able to visit those destinations.

There are travel organisations are available in the market who are offering exclusive helicopter tour packages. From them you can book Chardham yatra by helicopter service within a best price range. The sacred tithi on when the chardham shrines are open and shut: The door of Gangotri opens on the favourable day of Akshya Tritiya. And the doors of the temple close on the arrival of Diwali.The door of the Yamunotri shrine opens on Akshya Tritiya  and it closes on the second day after Diwali i.e. Yama Dwitiya.The opening of Badrinath temple is on Basant Panchami by the temple’s Raj purohit and the doors will be closed on Bijaya Dasami by the temple committee.

The opening date of Kedarnath is on the occasion of Maha Shiv Ratri and it will close on Yama Dwitiya.If you are planning to visit these shrines so plan your trip in advance with the help of a reputed travel agent so they will arrange everything for your trip. You can start your journey from the capital city New Delhi or from the city of Ganga i.e. Haridwar. It’s completely up to you which destination you prefer to start your journey. Mostly every travel organisations offer you the best option in terms of tour package. You can customise the entire trip as per your preference and budget. So feel free to discuss everything in a detailed way with the travel agent  so you can enjoy the trip more and as well as it will fit into your pocket as well. If you are having shortage of time to visit those destinations then don’t worry book the Helicopter service which will take you towards these four destinations within a short span of time. This year visit towards the auspicious chardham destinations and get blessings and prosperity from the almighty.

Cover the sanctified journey of Chardham through helicopter

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