Gangotri is one of the most famous dham of Chardham yatra which is the abode of goddess Ganga and the origin place of Ganga River. Once you visit this destination you will be able to collect some of the mesmerising experience of your life. The famous destination Gangotriisplaced in the state of Uttarkhand  which belongs to the Northern region of India. It is present on the bank of Bhagirathi River which is at an altitude of 3100 above the sea level. The major geography of Gangotri is the characteristics of snow-capped mountains, Bhagirathi River and rugged terrains that jointly create a breath-taking view.  This place is an ideal destination for those people who are in search of peace amongst the lap of the mountain region. The abode of Gangotri has a great importance in the mythology of Hindus. According to the mythology it  has been believed that in this place God Shiva was seated when he received goddess Ganga in his locks.

This place is frequently visited by huge number of devotees from every corner of the world to pay their homage to the goddess.  Ganga is one of the most revered and holiest deities in the Hindu religion. In this place you will see natural Shivlingsthat you will only see during the winter times. People also love to visit this destination to explore the Gaumukh glacier which is the origin point of the Bhagirathi River. This place not only attracts the devotees but also attracts the nature and adventure lovers because it also having lots of attractive trekking destinations amongst captivate surroundings.

Your trip will be more enchanting and memorable if you travel this place by helicopter.Ek dham Gangotri ji yatra by Helicopter is highly suggested for those people who are seeking of deity Ganga’s blessing and also want to take a holy bath in the river Ganga. This is one of the most pious destinations for getting salvation as well as redemption. Every year millions of Hinduism followers visit this place but with the help of this helicopter service your trip will be more easy and simple for you.

As we all know that the pious destination Gangotri is present in the district of Uttarkashi which belongs to the Himalayan region. This region is globally famous for its unique serenity and peacefulness. The entire surrounding is full of divine where you spend your time and release all your tensions and worries. It is the right destination for spiritual upliftment. Visiting the destinations of Gangotri will be one of the best destinations of your life. The religious abode of Ganga symbolises the power of purity and chastity.

If you are planning for a Gangotri trip this year within a short time span then it is highly suggested to visit this destination by helicopter. This helicopter service is available for those people who have certain time constraint, health and age conditions etc. It will not only save your time but also safely take you to the destination so you will easily the shrine of Gangotri without putting much effort.

Visiting towards the mesmerising destination of Gangotrimust be a cherished dream for every Hindu followers. Being a part of the famous chotaDhamyatra i.e. Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath, it is one of the most revered destinations amongst Hindus. It draws the attention of the followers in crowd. As per the Hindu mythology, the history of the place Gangotri dates back the time when goddess Ganga first time touches the earth surface in the form of a river from Lord Shiva’s lock. With its amalgamation of religious aura, great historical legacy and mesmerising natural beauty, this place never fail to attract huge number of visitors from long centuries. Let’s discuss some basic insights along with some major attractions of this place and travel information’s as well.

Gangotri temple visit:  Visit towards the destinations of Gangotri is like a darshan of deity Ganga. As this place is the abode of goddess Ganga which is present on the bank of Bhagirathi River and the temple was built during the 17th century. This famous temple was built by a famous officer of Gorkha regiment. This auspicious shrine is situated very close to the actual origin of Bhagirathi river.  When the Bhagirathi river water merges with the eater of the Alaknanda River it is called as River Ganga. The doors towards this auspicious shrine open during the tithi of AkshyaTritiya which helds during the month of May and closes after Dewali. The rest month of the year the temple remains closed due to heavy snow fall in this region.

Travel towards Gangotri Glacier:  Travel towards the famous Gangotri glacier is a special place for the adventure lovers. For an example: the trek towards the Gangotri glacier is the perfect way to enrich your spiritual yearning along with amaze of outdoor adventures.  The origin of Bhagirathi River starts from the glacier’s melting point. In this region you will get attractive surrounding peaks which are quite challenging to climb. The melting point of glacier is looks like a cow’s mouth that’s why it is called as Gaumukh. It is the largest glacier in the great Himalayas and is more than 30 km long and the width varies from 2 to 4 km. So if you love nature and adventure then do include the trip of Glacier in your Gangotri trip.

National Park of Gangotri:  It is another famous natural treat for the nature lovers who are in Gangotri trip. The famous national park in this region is spread over 1.553 sq km which captivates to the visitors through its verdant meadows, majestic coniferous jungles and the gleaming glaciers. In this national park you will get to see huge collections of flora and fauna. The perfect time to visit this national park is during April to October.

So better to schedule a date with a experienced travel planner who will suggest the best tour package for EkdhamGangotrijiYatra by helicopter  so you can enjoy every single second of your trip within a limited time frame.

Ek Dham Gangotri ji yatra by Helicopter: An helicopter journey towards the dwelling of Ganga

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