A religious journey towards the most famous Yamunotri and Gangotri pilgrimage destination will give you the everlasting experience which will be stay with you for life long. To facilitate those travellers the government of Garhwal has made lots of arrangements for the safety and comforts of the devotees. They are also offering the helicopter services to make your travel more safe and convenient.  Given below are some of the necessary information about the two auspicious dhamGangotri and Yamunotri.

Yamunotri Dham The most sacred pilgrimage destination


It is the starting destination of Chardhamyatra and one of the most visited pious destination for the Hindu devotees.  This place is positioned at an altitude of 3293 meters above the sea level. Basically, it belongs to the state of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand state. You can start the jour ney towards Yamunotri from Delhi, Haridwar, Barkot and Mussoorie etc.  The auspicious yatra starts in Uttarakhand during month of May on AkshyaTritiya. People mostly visit this place for taking a holy bath on the Yamuna River.  The place Yamunotri is the origin point of river Yamuna which is one of the sacred rivers in India. It has been also believed that by taking a dip inside the sacred water of Yamuna one will get rid of the previous sins. It will bring peace and relaxment for body, mind and soul. This place also has several geographical wonders which include the famous hot spring. Here rice is cooked in this spring and distribute amongst the devotees as a form of Prasad.

A journey towards Yamunotri is one of the most sanctified trips. This place is covered with huge range of snows during the winter time so it is extremely difficult to approach this place during this time.  The trek route of Yamunotri along with the river Yamuna is quite mesmerising which is covered with magnificent view of mountains.  The trek route to reach temple is completely surrounded by the small and large rivers, canals, lakes, waterfalls, forests and meadows. It will definitely be a spellbound journey for a visitor and once a devote visit this destination he must want to visit this place again and again in their life time.

GangotriDham  A journey for soul purification


The destination Gangotri is the origin point of the river Ganga. It is one of the most picturesque pilgrim destination which is placed in the hinterlands of the great Himalayas. It is also considered as one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage destination. According to Hindu faiths Ganga is the most sacred river and by taking a holy bath in this sacred water one will directly get the Moksha. People also worship this water of Ganga as a symbol of purification. This shrine is positioned at an altitude of 3200 m above the sea level. It is located at the northern most part of Uttaranachal state which is just 100 kms away from Uttarkashi district. The location of Gangotri is very close to the Indo-Tibetan border.

The place Gangotri is associated with the most renowned historical mythology. According to the mythology, it has been believed that the king Bhagirath spent long years for penance in praying goddess Ganga to descend upon the earth. After along penance lord Shiva rewarded him and goddess Ganga came down to earth.  Hence, in the origin Point of Ganga River it is called as the Bhagirathi River. It flows a long distance and reaches to Alaknanda River at the Devprayag.

Jolly Grant is the nearest airport to reach Gangotri which is approx. 270 kms away from Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the nearest railwy station to reach Gangotri and is well connected with Delhi and Dehradun. To travel Gangotri there is also regular bus service facilities are also available from Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun and Delhi.

The right time to visit Gangotri is between month of May to June and September to November. Due to heavy rain fall the pilgrims may face several kind of difficulties during the monsoon time.  But the temple is open from April to November. Some famous attractions of Gangotri are Gangotri temple, Harsil, BhaironGhati, Gaumukh, Pandu Cave and Tapovan. One can travel Gangotri from Delhi, Dehradun,

GangotriYamunotriyatra by road ex-Delhi  will offer you an amazing experience of your life. You can choose the type of transportation according to your choice. For having a safe and hassle free trip you can choose a experienced travel organiser who will organise a best trip for you. If you plan your trip with the help of a travel agent he will plan all your tour related necessities like accommodation, transportation, food everything. You need to place your booking requirements. Once you placed all your preference to your chosen service provider they will arrange everything for you as per your requirement.

For this you need to choose one of the reputed service providers through online first.  You can check the reviews of the company so you have the idea of the trusted service provider. Once you find the best and reliable service provider you can do your tour bookings. But don’t forget to discuss with them about the tour related details. You can discuss with them about your type of accommodation, transportation with them before your booking. GangotriYamunotriyatra by road ex-Delhi will offer you an panoramic journey that will make your trip more memorable.

This year if you don’t have sufficient time for a complete Chardhamyatra then you can go for this Yamunotri and Gangotriyatra with your near ones. This religious trip will take you towards the pious abode of two famous Hindu goddess. A journey towards this two famous destinations will brings lots of peace and rejuvenation or you will get rid of your previous sins as well.

Gangotri Yamunotri yatra by road ex-delhi: Trip to be remembered

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