Golden triangle comprises the journey of three most visited historical cities i.e. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These are the most renowned destinations of North India. People mostly love to visit these destinations only to explore its historical glory. All of the three cities are conveniently connected with rail and road. All of the three destinations are situated equal distance from each other. So it is quite easy to travel from one city to another. The journey towards these three cities called as golden triangle because it looks like a triangle form in the map. In the map if you drew a line in between them you can check out the triangular form easily. Each of the city is located 250 kms distance from each other.

The main reason behind the demand of the golden triangle tour is the ease of travelling from one city to another. Many tour companies offer attractive tour package that covers the whole distance within a short time span. The major highlights of these three cities are quite different from each other  but your trip mostly starts from the capital city Delhi because the capital city is conveniently connected with other major cities of India as well as other major parts in all over the world. While your journey towards these destinations you can find out how different these cities are from each other. During your golden triangle trip you will going to experience the beautiful historical experience of your life that you cannot experience in any other part of the world. Although your tour itinerary is completely depends upon your service provider. Don’t forget to shop the traditional and local products during your journey and also try to taste the traditional dishes of these regions.


Always choose a reliable service provider who will plan a perfect tour package for you and you can also customise that package as per your budget and taste. If you thinking for a religious trip along with the historical tour package then you can also go for Golden triangle with Mathura and Vrindavan tour package. This tour package will take you towards the most religious abode of Lord Krishna along with the golden triangle destinations. Mathura and Vrindavan are two famous cities of Uttar Pradesh state and are one of the most visited religious destinations. The temples of these two cities are truly dedicated Lord Krishna. Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna whereas Krishna spends his childhood days in Vrindavan. As per Hindu mythology these two destinations has infinite significance.

Mathura: The birth place of Lord Krishna that’s why this place has a great importance in the Hindu mythology. This place is a major hub of unique civilization and culture and for this reason it is termed as Athens of India. The temple architecture, rich culture and unique spiritual fairs and festivals, this place has everything which mesmerise the pilgrims.  In the present time, Mathura is another major tourist hub in Uttar Pradesh which attracts huge number of spiritual and Hindu followers.

Vrindavan: This place is situated 15 kms away from Mathura and is another religious destination. This place boasts several old and modern temples Lord Krishna spend his childhood days in this place. It is located 135 km from the capital city Delhi.

Some of the major attractions of these two famous cities are discussed below.

Shri Krishna Janmabhumi: It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites which is the birth place of god. In the temple you will see one stone slab which is the original birth place of god. You will see a small temple having the prison inside that is the actual birth place of god.

Dwarkadhish temple: This famous temple was built in 19th century which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Regularly this temple attracts huge number of pilgrims from all over the world.

Rangbhumi: This place is also has a great mythological significance. Here Lord Krishna killed Kansa and freed his parents from the prison.

Vishram Ghat: It is the most famous ghat on the bank of Yamuna River. People believed that Lord Krishna took rest after killed kansa. People came here for take a holy bath in the River Yamuna.

Banke Bihari Temple: It is one of the magnificent temples of this city Vrindavan which was built by Haridas Swami. During the month of Shravan this temple boats huge number of devotees for Jhulan yatra.

ISKOCON Temple: The term iSKCON stands for international society for the Krishna consciousness which was built in 1966. You will explore more than 6000 ISKCON temples globally and a huge number of Krishna followers from all over the world. The ISKCON society always promotes the teachings of Krishna.

All of these places are well connected through air, rail and road. The convenient mode you can choose as per your budget and requirement. For having a safe, enjoyable and hassle free trip you can choose golden triangle Tour Package with Mathura Vrindavan tour package from a reputed travel agent. The tour agent will guide you the convenient mode of transfer to travel these places. You need to choose one of the experienced travel organisations for getting an attractive tour package. For that you will not require to work hard. You only require to do some research through online for finding a best and experienced travel firm. Once you got it you can discuss with them by telling them about your travel requirements. They will arrange transportations like car, bus or train tickets etc as per your convenience. They will also book accommodation for you as per your preference. But you need to confirm all the things by discussing with them. So this vacation explore the history of north India along with the two famous abode of  Lord Krishna and bring lots of memories and blessings with you while returning home.

Golden triangle with Mathura Vrindavan tour: A trip fills with historical and spiritual attractions

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