Kedarnath is one of the famous shrines of Chardham yatra which is the abode of Lord Shiva. People comes this place in large numbers to pay their homage to Lord Shiva. This place is filled with unbelievable natural beauty that can easily draw the attention of the visitors. People who don’t have much time to cover the chota chardham destination can visit this ek dham Kedarnath to get the blessings of God. If you still have limited time frame and thinking how to visit this destination within a limited time frame Kedarnath ji yatra by helicopter is the suitable option for you.

In fact, there are two type of helicopter services are available to reach Kedarnath . The differences between these two helicopter services are varies in terms of place and service.  These two type of helicopter services are listed below.

Kedarnath Helicopter service from Dehradun: This helicopter service is available from Dehradun on the charter basic for 4-5 people according to their body weight. With the help of this travelling service you won’t travel long journey via Guptkashi or Phata. The total distance covers by helicopter within 40 minutes.

Kedarnath Helicopter service from Phata: This is kind of shuttle service and you need to pay the ticket per person. The price varies as per the season. For this type of helicopter journey a pilgrim need to cover the road journey of 200 km from Haridwar to Phata. Ner to Phata the helicopter service operate from Sersi or Guptkashi.

If you travel from Dehradun then the helicopter service is started from the Sahastradhara helipad which is placed in Dehradun. But one important you should know that you must book your helicopter service in advance. There are several travel organisations are easily available in the market so from them you can easily book the helicopter service.

Timing of helicopter service to reach Kedarnath: The devotees who are wishing to go for Kedarnath yatra by Helicopter must need to report the helipad before morning 6.30.  Once you report at the helipad and filled the manifest then the authorities will brief you about the safety instruction for 25-30 minutes. You must need to listen those things carefully. So it’s almost 7.15 am the helicopter starts the airborne.  If you are the first timer in the helicopter then it must be n excited journey experience of your life.

While the helicopter start soaring in the sky , you have the spectacular view of amazing Mussoorie hill station on your right hand side. Within a shortest span of time the helicopter reaches the height of 10,000 sq ft above the sea level. You will definitely get awestruck by the natural beauty that you will view during your trip.  The mighty clouds and huge mountains appears like tiny models from your side.

Continuous fly of 25 minutes, you will next reach to the beautiful sight if Tehri Dam which is filled with emerald green water.  Then after continuous fly of 8 minutes you will have a glimpse of majestic snow cladded peaks of majestic Himalayas.

As we all know Kedarnath is the pious abode of Shri Kedarnath ji. A little journey from the Kedarnath temple, you will see the helipads of Phata and Guptkashi. . The helicopters are landed in this helipad as the journey beyond the shrine is covered through the shuttle service. It means you will change your helicopter in Guptkashi or Phata to reach the auspicious shrine of Kedarnath. You will receive another boarding pass to reach the shrine.

In the helipad of Guptkashi you will see the Chaukhamba Mountains and backdrops of Kedarnath along with the covered snow on the top side.  After having a brief halt in this helipad you will start your journey towards Kedarnath.  This shuttle journey will take you through amazing view of Mandakini valley which is renowned for being filled with incessant rains and clouds.

Phata is a small village in this region and if you are searching for a best accommodation in this region then you can book the accommodation in Guptkashi. If you book your accommodation with the help of a travel agent then they will help you in booking of good accommodation which also fits your pocket. They are having a huge no of hotels available in the Guptkashi area. You need to choose them as per your budget and preference.

According to your trip plan if you travel through helicopter you need not require stay there but if you still want to spend some time in this tranquil and spiritual surrounding then you can plan your stay in Guptkashi.  Even you can book your helicopter tickets through online easily but if you book it with the help of a travel agent you will get better discount on your booking. The travel agent will not only book your helicopter service but also help in booking every tour requirements.  Once you will get a reliable and experienced travel agent you can discuss with them with your tour requirements.

If you are planning to travel Kedarnath then don’t forget to travel the nearby attractions like Gandhi Sarovar, Gaurikund temple, Vasuki Tal, Sonprayag, Shankarachrya Samadhi etc. If you travel through helicopter then you will reach the longest trek route within a short helicopter journey. So it will save your travelling time, so with the available travelling time you can visit the sight attractions of this place. So for all these things you need to find out one of the trusted travel operator of your region where you can book trip.  You can discuss with them about your trip through online or over the phone.  So plan your trip towards Kedarnath and get the blessing of god in his abode. Reach safely in the dwelling of Lord shiva without travelling the trek route then book the helicopter service in advance and enjoy the snow cladded environment with the blessings of god.

Kedarnath ji yatra by Helicopter: safest journey to reach Kedarnath quickly

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