The word Tapovan means sacres and serene place. It defines the place where the saints meditate for getting spiritual bliss. You need to trek the route towards Tapovan to experience the spirituality and nature. The place Tapovan is located at a highest altitude of Alpine meadows which belongs to the base point of mountain Shivling. The mountain shivling belongs to the western part of the Gangotri glacier. The place Tapovan is like a base camp for the Shivlings peak in the hilly area of Uttarakhand. The Tapovan tour package takes visitors towards the Gangotri Glacier which is the main source point of the Ganga River. According to Hindu Religion River Ganga is considered as the most sacred River in India. As per Hindu mythology it has been believed that in this place king Bhagiratha meditated for bringing goddess Ganga down to earth. This mesmerising valley is flanked by amazing view of Himalayan peaks like mountain Meru, Mountain shivling and Kedar Dome which is also the most favourite destination for the adventure lovers.  The group of peaks of Bhagirathi are noticeable from the eastern bank of the Gangotri glacier.


The adventure lovers also prefer the Tapovan trek because it includes rock climbing, mountain climbing and the glacier exploring etc. Actually, the Gangotri Glacier is the actual origin of the River Ganga which is situated at a distance of 18 km from the place of Gangotri. This famous destination welcomes huge number of pilgrims as well as nature and adventure lovers. In this place the River Ganga is called as Bhagirathi River. While visiting in this it is highly mandatory to take a holy dip within the chilly water. So while you are here just avoided the thrill of exploring the glacier along with the nature just discovers the place on your own way in the land of spirituality. Let’s discuss the famous tour itinerary which included with the Tapovan tour package are discussed below.


Day 1: Haridwar to Gangotri: Your journey will start from the Haridwar so for that you need to reach Haridwar first on your own way. Then you will start your journey from Haridwar to Gangotri along the bank of the Bhagirathi River through an attractive ridge road which will take you via Dhanolti and Deodar groves.  After having a lovely mountain ride you will reach the place Gangotri and there you will check in a preferred hotel and stay overnight there.

Day 2: Gangotri: As Gangotri is situated at an elevation of 10000 feet, you need to be adjusted with the climate over there. The tmosphere pressure is 70% and the air is thin here. It is highly suggested for every traveller to take a day rest over there for adjusting yourself in the climatic condition so you will freely start your trek journey towards Tapovan.  You must drink plenty amount of water and take a round in the temple surrounding.  If you have more time to visit then you can plan a short walk towards the Kedar Tal route for some couple of hours. Then safely reach at hotel and stay overnight there.

Day 3: Gangotri to Bhojbasa : After having the morning breakfast you can start your trek route journey towards Bhojbasa by following the Bhagirathi River. You will cross through Chirbasa. After this location the terrain becomes barren and desolate. Then you will travel through the panoramic forest trail along with the awesome view of majestic Neelkanth peak on your way That will definitely leave you spellbound. When you get more closer to the Bhojbasa you will start feeling chilly. You will reach the camp site of the Bhojbasa after later afternoon. You will get sufficient time to explore the beauty of this place. Here you can witness the enchanting sunset on the range of Bhagirathi and have dinner in the camps and stay overnight there. Chardham Yatra Packages.

Day 4: Bhojbasa to Tapovan via Gaumukh:
On the next day morning you will wake up with fresh air and stunning sunset that you can glimpse from your camp. Having a delicious breakfast over there and start your trek towards Tapovan via Gaumukh. Gaumukh is the source point of the River Ganga. Trek through rock areas, grassy meadows and boulders and sandy beaches that are protected by the granite piles. After you climb few steps , you will clearly see the surrounding peaks. The place TApovan is highly recognised for its base camp for Shivling peak and beautiful meadows. Here you will explore blue mountain goat which is the most renowned visiting attraction of this place. After exploring the whole day you will back to the camp and stay overnight there after having dinner.

Day 5: Neela Tal:
After having breakfast in the camp you will start your trek towards Neela Tal that you cannot miss during your Tapovan trip. This is a blue pond in this area which will definitely mesmerise you. It acts like a mirror to the Shivling peak. You can also catch the glimpse of Bhagirathi and Meru peaks by walking around the pong. The tranquillity you will find in this pond area will not get anywhere in all over the world. Again in the evening you will back to the camp and stay overnight there.

Day 6: Tapovan to Gangotri:
Then start your back journey from Tapovan to Gangotri. You will trek downhill to reach Gangotri. Reach there in the evening and stay overnight there in the hotel.

Day 7: Gangotri to Haridwar:
On the end of your trip day you will be back to Haridwar then proceed towards your home destination as per your convenience.

Tapovan is one of the dream destinations for every kind of visitors. People come from every nook and corner of the world only to enjoy the beauty of this place. So plan a trip towards Tapovan and witness the beauty of this nature at this place. For having a convenient and safe trip book your Tapovan tour package with the help of a travel agent who will suggest best and discounted tour package for an enjoyable trip.

Tapovan tour package: Most enchanting tour option

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