Rajasthan is land of mighty Rajput’s which is situated in the Northwest part of India. It is the largest state of India which spreads 342,239 square kms by area. This North Indian state is highly renowned as the soil of great warrior Maharajas where the palaces and forts are still enduring as a mark of the royal lifestyle of those bygone era Maharajas. This desert landscaping region is rich in its vibrant and colorful culture and also boasts some cultural and artistic traditions that reflects the historical Indian way of life.

Flamboyant Rajput heritage in the Rajasthan: The land of this desert state Rajasthan is normally dry and the western border of this state is just adjacent to the Pakistan. When a traveler visits to this state he must visit several attractions of this state like Thar desert, the largest and oldest mountain range in the world i.e. the Aravalli range. While travelling around and photographing this amazing and colorful region of India, It is quite easy to explore the Rajputana heritage through its splendid forts and temples. Most of the palaces of this state were established by the former Rajput kings like Rana Kumbha, Bappa Rawal, Rana Pratap and Rana Sanga etc which are the most worth visiting places of this state.

A legendary monarchy of Maharajas in India: While visiting or photographing the lovely sceneries and landscapes in India, one can deeply understand why it has been said that this state has most history as compared to other parts in India. Here you can see, sense and feel the legendry monarchy of the Kings and their lavish palaces and majestic forts. While taking the photo of India we think it is a land of ruined bastions, littered with splendid history but you will find such grand historical structure nowhere in India. When rising up superiorly from the landscapes of desert you can feel like fairy-tale visions of the historical era.

As a traveler or photographer, you can visit towards the famous forts of Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur and can explore the real beauty of the royal region along with its brilliant and timeless architectural wonders. Apart from this, Rajasthan is also a land of jungles and rippling sand dunes, of wild tigers and camel trains, of vivid colors and glittering jewels and of course the most important for its vibrant culture and tradition. In Rajasthan you will find enough fairs and festivals from the calendar to celebrate and from the artists’ palette, the cuisine and shopping options are never short of huge. This desert state has the options of all. It is like the must-visited state within the must-visit country which is the ultimately memorable attractions.

As we all know Jaipur is the capital city of this state which is also declared as the pink city due to its Junagarh fort. If you are planning your travel to Rajasthan the nit is the must-visit destination of your trip. It is one of the amazing destination which has amazing forts, palaces, beautiful gardens, never-ending market streets, auspicious temples and every option for a traveler that a colorful city has to offer.

Enjoyable tastes of Rajasthan: For a traveler, the taste of Rajasthani is definitely going to be a cultural experience. In this state the local dishes are normally very spicy but the first-time will definitely enjoy the food here in moderation. When a traveler visits the state’s province, he can taste the delicious foods from the street kitchen and can also taste the food from small or luxurious restaurants. Dairy based sweets are highly demanded in this state. You will found most of the restaurants of this state are vegetarian. You will hardly find the restaurants for non-vegetarian meals. In this state do avoid the non-vegetarian foods from the road side stalls. You will easily found the bread anywhere in this state.

A typical Rajasthan dish includes the famous Daal-baati-churma. Daal is the delicious lentil curry whereas baati is the ground balls that are made from wheat flour and baked in the charcoal fires. Lastly the churma is the desert which is prepared from the crushed wheat balls that rolled in the jiggery sugar and topped with ghee.

Bikaner: the desert city of Rajasthan: – This desert city has several heritage properties which were once the former residence of high society families. It is the 15th century kingdom which primarily occupies by the animal reapers and trading communities. In fact, in the present time also this city is abounding with the camels. A whole breed of camels is named after the city. The Bikaner camels are well built, strong and generally used for loads carrying. Here you can also see camel carts which are available in every turn in Bikaner. During your trip in Bikaner do visit the 16th century Junagarh fort which is one of the best maintained fort cum museum and also do visit the old by lanes of the city where you can check intricately carving havelis and vibrating bazaars.

If you are planning for a PROPER VACATION IN RAJASTHAN, then do visit every city of this state where you can collect various things. Every city has their own charm and visiting attractions so you can find something different in your every visit that will definitely make your spell bound. But before start your journey don’t forget to collect all the necessary information about the state and its major cities. Once you collect all the necessary information like about the city, its life style, fooding, accommodation, transport etc you will not face any kind of problem after reaching there. Some major visiting cities of this state are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Bimaner, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Pushker, Mount Abu, Mandawa and many more. As per your availability of time and budget you can choose among them. So explore the true culture and charm of this state by visiting majestic attractions of the state and witness its grandeur.

True essence of Rajasthan through a visitor’s eye

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