Flowers are the sweetest thing that god ever made and who will not love such kind of amazing creation of god. To refresh your senses you must visit the Valley of flowers which is one of the most enchanting destinations in Uttaranchal state.  It is one of the famous North Indian destinations which is highly visited for its amazing wildlife, attractive natural beauty, unique culture and adventure. This place welcomes huge number of crowd from all over the world during the opening season in the month of July and August.


Valley of Flower is one of the most renowned national park in the Northern part of India which ideally belongs to western part of Himalayas. The most capturing feature of this national park is its scenic beauty and attractive colourful flowers. This is not only the home of huge variety of wildlife but also place for several endangered and rare flower species. Some famous wildlife species that can be captured in this region are snow leopard, musk deer, Asiatic black bear, brown bear and blue sheep etc.

This lace Valley of Flower spread over 87.50 sq km and is like a paradise for the adventure and nature lovers. If you visit this place during the month of June you will get to see huge variety of colourful and beautiful Alpine flowers flooded in this region. The entry towards the park starts in the month of June and door closes in the month of October. So In between this 4 month you need to visit this place to witness the magic of this place. You will get to see some unique collections of flower here which is more than 500 rare species. Some of the unique flowers blossoms during the monsoon only and has a great medicinal value. The untouched beauty of this place never fails to captivate the travellers, nature lovers and botanists who come from every nook and corner of the world.

Valley of flower is a famous UNESCO world heritage site which got its name from a famous botanist Frank S. Smith who is an explorer and mountaineer as well. This is one of the most renowned high altitude Himalayan valley which offers gorgeous greenery, picturesque landscapes, breath-taking meadows of flowers, majestic mountains and huge wilderness. The famous River Pushpawati divided the amazing park into two major parts. Here you can also enjoy trekking. If you are visiting the Valley of flowers then I must assure you during your trip you will completely soak with its overwhelming natural attractions. The locale people believed that this valley was inhabited by fairies.

The flowers dipped in dew, the chirping of beautiful birds, the colourful butterflies fly from one flower to another, lush greenery and refreshing air will enough to make you witness the real paradise on earth. The Valley of flowers is one of major attraction of North Indian tourism which always tries to make your holiday truly memorable and pleasurable.  North India is always a fascinating region for every kind of tourism who comes in a great number from all corner of the world. This mesmerising attraction has every option that draw the attraction every nature and adventure lover. It is one must visit destination in the state of Uttaranchal.

If you are planning to visit Valley of Flowers ex-Haridwar then you need to choose the best itinerary from a reputed travel agent who will plan your itinerary in a proper planned way so you will enjoy your trip more. Given below are the tours routes that you need to follow while planning your trip.

Haridwar-Govindghat-Ghangaria-Valley of Flowers-Ghangria-Govind Ghat-Haridwar.

You will follow in the above mentioned route. If you start your journey from Haridwar then you will reach Govindghat after a full day journey via via Dev Prayag, Rudra Prayag and Joshimath.  After reaching Govindghat you need to take rest there overnight. ON next morning you will again start your journey towards Ghangaria. It will a trek journey of 10 km to reach Ghangaria. ON you way you will get to see the famous river Laxman Ganga. The trek route mostly takes 7 hours to reach Ghangaria. You can take rest there overnight. On the next day morning after having breakfast you can start your journey towards Valley of Flowers. Which is the 8-9 km trek route from Ghangaria and after reaching valley of flowers you will take the entry pass. When you enter inside the park you will cross one of the old bridges of Pushwati River. When you enter inside the park you will witness the real paradise on earth. The beauty of the variety flowers in this park will definitely mesmerise you.

After exploring Valley of flowers you will back on evening towards Ghangaria because it is not allowed to stay in Valley of flowers during the night time. You can stay at Ghangaria. Then same you will back on the same route like you will travel towards Govind ghat then you will back to Haridwar. So for a hassle free and enjoyable trip book a travel agent who will plan Valley of flowers ex-Haridwar trip for you. You will easily get a reliable and experienced travel organisation from online and you can also discuss with them everything through online by instant messaging or call.

Once you decide the tour package you can book it through online in advance. If you plan to start your journey from Haridwar then you need to reach there on the date of journey. When you reach there your agent will wait for you and escort you throughout your entire journey. The major benefit to hire agent is they will take care of all your travel necessities. So plan your vacation to Valley of Flowers and explore the beauty of unique and rare species of flowers.

Valley of Flowers Ex-Hardware: A road trip towards the heavenly abode

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