In India, Rivers are worshipped as a mother.  If running down of their ample grace , this  land along with its very life forms  will normally wither away. The holy waters of these rivers provide us hope and hearth. Yamunotri and Gangotri are two renowned sacred rivers in India. Let’s discuss the travel path towards Yamunotri and Gangotri which will further help you to light up your journey to reach the shrines with highest devotion for their religious purity and ecological sensitivity.

Yamunotri:  The pious river Yamuna originates from the Champasr glacier in the mountain of Kalind. The Yamunotri dham is just a kilometres down from the actual origin of this river. In this place a small temple has been built in the honour of the holiness of the place. This sacred shrine attracts huge number of devotees towards itself regularly . The thermal spring of this place called Surya Kund where the prasadam has been prepared from the boiled water which includes boiled rice and cooked potatoes.

The temple of Yamunotri can be reached after an active trek of 6 km from the Janki Chatti which belongs to the downhill area. In this area, few guest houses are available with standard facilities where one can plan their stay during their trip. You can also stay at Hanumanchatti or Barkot. Don’t afraid the dangers of the trek. The trek trail will cross through amazing views which continuously enhance one’s appreciation for divine beauty and Mother Nature’s everlasting beauty. The temple of Yamunotri opens during the summer time for darshan. During the rest month of the year the idol is shifted to the winter abode of goddess Yamuna in the Kharsali village.

Gangotri: The most sacred river of India i.e. Ganga originates from the Gaumukh glacier that is situated within the boundaries of Gangotri national park which is just 19 kms away from the exact holy origin of Ganga i.e. Bhagirathi River. The sacred Ganga Maa darshan at this mystically serene destination will definitely fill your heart with so much light of divine.

Pilgrims who plan to travel Gangotri plan to stay in Uttarkashi during their trip. The white exterior of this Gangotri temple provides the same purity as it associates with the Ganga River. After getting the permission of the office of DY Director, the Gangotri national park , here one can easily plan the trek towards the glacier and will offer their prayer to the source point of the river.

In the Chardham pilgrimage destination Gangotri is the 2nd destination to visit after Yamunotri . The route follows like this – Delhi- Haridwar- Rishikesh- Chamba- Uttarkashi- Bhaironghati- Gangotri. This Gangotri temple is also open during the summer time and in winter Ganga Maa resides at the Mukhba village in Harsil.  Apart from the Gangotri shrine, there are several mythological pasts are associated with the temple vicinity.

You can also choose the Yamunotri Gangotri yatra with GAumukh and Tapovan tour package to explore more about Gaumukh and Tapovan along with the do Dham destinations. If you want to explore the actual source of the holy Ganga river then you must visit Gaumukh. You cannot reach Gaumukh through any medium of transportation. The roads are truly conducive for any kind of vehicles. Riding through ponies and trekking are the only solutions to reach Gaumukh from Gangotri. But if you choose trekking you will enjoy your trip more by exploring the natural beauty and thrill. Mostly, nature and adventure lovers prefer to visit this place. With the help of this Gaumukh trip you can quench your thirst. Nature is challenging and charming in the same point of time. You will be mesmerised by its splendid beauty and there is also an tempting desire to overcome it. A trek journey towards Gaumukh has its uniqueness.

A trek journey towards Gaumukh will includes leaping across the rocks, climbing rocks, crossing through the glacier etc. The major attraction of this trip will offer you a magical glimpse of huge variety of animals and plants. During the trip you will huge number of blue mountain goats and bharals. In the vegetative region you will explore huge range of blue pines and silver birch. The picturesque view of Gaumukh will not only attracts the devotees but also attracts the adventure lovers from all corner of the world.

Tapovan is another magical destination of high altitude Alpine meadow. It is located on the western bank of Gangotri Glacier. The area of Tapovan has huge number of lush greenery area during the summer time which is filled with several wild flowers. During the Monsoon time those flowers turns into golden color. You can visit Tapovan from Gangotri via Gaumukh and Bhujbasa. It has a challenging trekking route to reach the destination which is having erratic weather and difficult terrain.

If you plan to visit these two destinations along with the Do Dham destinations then choose Yamunotri Gangotri with Gaumukh and Tapovan tour package. So you will cover all the 4 religious as well as adventurous destination within ease.  For getting best tour packages choose one of the experienced and reputed tour organisations who has complete experience about the tour route so he will guide you everything required during your trip. You can easily choose a best travel agency through online. Nowadays there are huge number of travel agencies are easily available through online from them you can choose the selected one. But don’t forget to discuss with the tour agent before booking the trip and always try to book the trip in advance to avoid last minute hassle.

This coming season plan a trip towards the religious as well as adventurous destination where you will explore the true value of devotion along with adventure. While returning home, don’t forget to bring Ganga water and lots of memories with you in the form of photographs.

Yamunotri Gangotri yatra with Gaumukh and Tapovan package

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