As Per New Rules And Regulations, Paragliding Is Forbidden Without Training In Uttarakhand

2023-09-06 12:07:04


There has been a recent development, the authorities have taken a strict decision on paragliding activities. Especially, when it came to the limelight that it was conducted without proper training and certification. People are found out that when they engage in paragliding without the requisite training and licenses it can cause severe destruction. And also now face severe penalties, including a minimum of two years of imprisonment will be done. For the safety of travelers, and adventure seekers, the set of new regulations released by the authorities who aim to ensure that paragliding operators and enthusiasts adhere to safety standards and receive proper training before taking to the skies. Authorities have also stepped up efforts to double-check and regulate paragliding sites, implementing stringent safety checks and inspections. Especially Uttarakhand Tour Package, growing concerns about the safety of paragliding activities, particularly in regions known for their scenic landscapes that attract adventure enthusiasts. Untrained paraglide pose a significant risk to themselves and others, as they may lack the necessary skills to handle emergencies and navigate safely through the air.

The goal is to create a safer environment for adventure seekers who opt for paragliding while preserving the natural beauty and tranquility of the regions where these activities take place. Local authorities and paragliding associations are working together to raise awareness about the importance of training and certification. It is crucial to have well-trained and certified instructors. And for those who do not obey the rules, there will be strict action taken against them. These new regulations ensure proper training and obtain the necessary licenses and certifications to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

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