Food and Restaurants Rajasthan

Your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without traditional delectable Rajasthani cuisines. The whole state is famous for its rich culture. But, for a complete wholesome experience you have to try out the cuisines made with love and warmth. And some of the best delicacies of Rajasthan, which you must try are:

Dal Bati Churma

Laal Maas

Mohan Maas

Ker Sangri

Gatte ki Khichdi

Dil Khushal

Rajasthani Kadi

Gatte ka Pulao

Churma Ladoo

Badam ka Halwa

Aam ki Launji

Methi Bajra Poori

Mawa Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori

Shahi Gatte


Kalmi Vada



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