Kausalya Trip India


Assortment of Individually Identifiable Data

Kausalya Trip India truly values their clients and so does their privacy. We practice no hidden acts. Anyone willing to approach us can browse through our website which is easily accessible without the fright of losing any personal data. We go through a straight procedure to gather your information. We might call for your personal information in certain situations for what we approach you directly. The circumstances involve-

  • When you buy something from our website directly or by means of letter, email, telephone, fax etc.
  • In times when you register with us, apply for any reward programs, subscribe to our newsletter or register for promotions.
  • When you give us feedback for our delivered services.

Making a Booking or Purchase

When you plan to travel with us, we might require your personal information including your name, credit card billing address, credit card number with expiry date, mobile phone number, telephone number. For instance, we might call upon other additional information such as frequent fly numbers. The data collected are mainly required to fulfill, process and validate your reservations and transactions you make with us and further you to keep updated of the transaction status. Sometimes, it is also needed to receive an affirmation of other individuals travelling with you and also their personal information is also required.

Registration of Members

We encourage your membership with us in our website. However, if you wish to opt to become our registered member then it is important to reveal your address, name, mobile number, landline, email id, login name and password. You are required to provide us with all the information upon a registration forms for ample of reasons. These are

  • Personal identification.
  • Enabling us to get in touch with you for the use of any customer service purposes.
  • In order to customize our content for website which suits your precise needs as well as to make further improvement in our facilities and services.

Being our registered member, you might get certain special offers and fare sales related e mails or some of our new service from our company. This might call for your mobile number. Email id etc. In addition, we also require your email address for the purpose of affirmation of your registration as a new member with us. Your mobile number and email address is needed to keep you updated about every reservation each time you make into our website. Moreover, you are free to stop e-mail messages at any point of time.

Making Use of Profile Data and Demographic

For the purpose to conduct certain tracking functions, a third party application service providers are required. These companies make the use of cookie based data regarding your visit and some other websites and hence to determine the efficiency of advertising. Based upon your browsing activities, we might gather your information with regard to your visit to our website. Information like the products or pages you browse are also collected which would further assist us in managing our services in a better manner as well as in a way that is tailored as per your individual interests and needs. Our firm might use this data to calculate the entry and exit points of the viewers into our website. Furthermore, the use of this data might come into effect as to determine the usage of click throughs and advertising banners from our website. We might reveal data of this nature in cumulative manner to third parties. However, we keep all your personal details safe and protected and none of the details would be passed onto other party.

Distributing Personal Information

Kausalya Trip India would be transferring you all types of promotional emails once you get registered to our web services. For this, certain details are required by us. However, we would not be distributing any of your information to any third party except required to process out your reservation/ booking or enquiry. Whenever you submit your request to us, you must agree in this way, we might make the usage and deliver your personal information.

Links to Other Websites

It is to be noted that Kausalya Trip India, its owners, agents and the staff are not accountable for the privacy policies and contents of other sites to which this meticulous website might link. For any other information on the privacy policy, do write to us at: [email protected]